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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sales Continue

It is nearly a year since I reported that building a platform for a new book via blogging before publishing worked for me. I can now add that this approach results in continuing sales, at least it has for my book. I continue to get good traffic to my blog and sales continue steadily.
I am now trying something else. I am posting my first book, which I didn't build a platform for before publishing, on my blog.  I'll report later if this results in a pickup of sales for the first book.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Second Book is Selling

My second book is selling. This supports building a customer base while the book is being written via a blog and web site. Some of the buyers have favorably commented on this approach. It is also interesting that almost all of the buyers make their purchase at even though I market the e book store of Create Space equally with Amazon.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Second book published

My second non fiction book was submitted for publishing at the end of November. I used Create Space,the Amazon subsidiary.The Create Space web site made it so easy it wasn't necessary to talk to a person. The web site walks users step by step through the process. I downloaded their Word template and pasted my material into it. I also used one of their cover templates. This site is also more generous with royalties than the company I used previously. Best of all it's free unless you want to sell on channels other than Create Space's e-store and Amazon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Second Book

I am writing a second non-fiction book. This time I started a web site and a blog a year before I expected to publish. I am hoping the blog and web site traffic will build a market for the book when it's published. So far the blog traffic has build up over time as I had hoped. I am doing more of the book design myself this time. I plan to publish with Create Space and am using their free templates. This is working fine so far.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Library Workshop and Book Signing

I finally got around to doing a book signing at our local library. Since there are not a lot of traditional working people in our area I could not expect a large audience. The librarian came up with a great idea. I held a workshop for managers; especially managers of volunteer organizations. The library publicized it it and the attendance was pretty good. I enjoy doing work shops so it worked well for me. Sold only a couple of books but that is what I expected. I am thinking about offering to do a similar workshop in a neighboring community.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First E-Book Sale, the publisher of my book, offers an E-book version as well as hard cover and soft cover version. The E-book sells for less than half of the cost of a soft cover so I expected people would buy more E books than conventional books.  I was wrong. For months no one bought an E book. I finally had the first E book sale recently. I guess people would rather have books in hand than read them on a computer screen. I would prefer to have people buy the E book as I get twice the royalty compared to conventional book sales.

Monday, March 1, 2010

First Royalty Check

An exciting day. I received my first royalty check. It was for the first quarter of book sales and, while not a significant amount of money, it was exciting to get a check. I have downscoped my book marketing as I found I just don't like doing it. I missed my art. At my age I don't have to spend time doing things I don't like at the expense of not doing things I like. So I have gone back to drawing and painting and am just maintaining an active blog related to my book. Also decided that a second book that I am thinking about will be done as a series of blogs or ezine articles. That way I do the writing, which I enjoy, and I avoid the hassle and expense of publication plus I don't have to think about marketing.